Vietnam is one of the unique destinations which can give you the most brilliant experience. The place is a perfect mix of natural highlights and cultural diversity.

If you are fond of photography or a nature lover you must visit this amazing place; it has so much to offer like beautiful beaches, thriving coffee industry, informative exhibitions, numerous national parks, parochial churches and much more. Hikers, bikers, and outdoor lovers can have a whale of a time.

The country is so fascinating and full of surprises that you won’t get tired by exploring. Hanoi is the most popular destination as firstly, it is the capital of a city and a place that bewildered travellers as much as it charms them. Then, next comes, Halong Bay is engrossing as you can enjoy natural sight that even the more slothful can experience up close on a cruise.

Don’t miss the sizzling night in Pham Ngu Lao Street it has many street-side bars for cheap beer & food, live music, and casual set up. So, here we have come up with the list of main best things to do and see in Vietnam and without wasting a minute scroll down to read more.

Top 5 things to see and Do

Vietnam is exotic destination where you can have the pleasure of enjoying exploring streets and beaches. Let’s quickly go through the hit list of things you can see and do and they are as follows:

1. The Golden Hands Bridge

 The very unique thing you will get to see is The Golden Hands Bridge. It is a creative idea which has been used while  building the bridge as it seems like the hands of mother earth are lifting us up, just to watch heaven from near. The bridge is 150m-long pathway, high above the gorgeous greenery of the seemingly-endless Ba Na Hills. No-one can refute its social media success.

There are well over 108,000 images of the bridge on the #GoldenBridge hashtag alone. If you went to Vietnam and didn’t post a picture of the Golden Hands Bridge on your Instagram page, did your trip even happen at all?!

2. Hanoi

It is called the heart of Vietnam as it is one the popular destinations and capital  of Vietnam . The motorbike frenzy, pollution, and constant clamor of street vendors can get too much for some travelers, but someone has said so right that if you really want to dive into Vietnamese city life, then there is no place better than Hanoi.

To introduce the diverse artistry of the country, Vietnam Museum of Ethnology and Vietnam Fine Art Museum are both brilliant spots to start with.

3. Pham Ngu Lao Street

When it comes to nightlife then, Vietnam is not behind. The nightlife of the place enhances the moment and gives unforgettable memories. With crazy disco lightings, sizzling pubs, loud party music, DJ, bands, and sumptuous food increase the level of nightlife. The party culture actually seems to be the element of happiness and enjoyment of Ho Chi Minh City. From swanky pubs to cheap bars, the city offers people of all the kind tastes & pocket sizes.

There will be a time when you’ll be tired of exploring and getting about the history of Vietnam then, you won’t be able to deny to chill out with wine & amazing music. Nightlife is like a booster and is one of the fun things to do in Ho Chi Minh City. District 1 has classy rooftop pubs & bars that serve the best-in-class wine & champagne and play marvellous music.

4. Cu Chi Tunnels

The tunnel is an historic symbol and travellers can get the unimaginable experience. These tunnels were made during the time of war, stretched for more than 250 kilometers, allowing VC troops to operate and communicate in the area surrounding Ho Chi Minh City. Now, the tunnels have two stops: Ben Dinh village (popular choice) or Ben Duoc village. 

5. Ban Gioc Waterfall

Ban Gioc waterfall is one of the main tourist attractions where you will witness two waterfalls colliding along the Quay Son River. It has become an iconic mark of the Vietnam-China border. You will see South-East Asia’s most breathtaking natural sights. After satisfying your eyes with an immense view, there’s plenty to see and do in the Cao Bang region. And don’t even think of skipping out caves to explore, local homestays to get head turning experience, and more majestic waterfalls beckon.

Travel Budget

Travelling to Vietnam might not get you very expensive as it is an underrated destination among the other but the place you will go to will have an unforgettable experience and eventually it will be all paid off. The tourists are provided professional guides. They are friendly and helpful, patient and able to make adjustments, and pay attention to details during the trips. So, if we talk about the budget then different traveller will have different bar, which means:

  • If a backpack traveller is planning to visit Vietnam then he/she should have INR 11,000 (USD 150)
  • If a mid-range traveller is planning to visit Vietnam then he/she should have INR 25,000 (USD 340)
  • If a luxurious traveller is planning to visit Vietnam then he/she should have INR 50, 000 – 70,000 ( USD 1000) 

How to get around?

Via air is the appropriate option and for the comfortable travelling to Vietnam. It will not only save time but also many flights link the two largest and most important cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Almost all of Vietnam’s main cities can be reached by air, such as Hai Phong, Hue, Da Nang, Nah Trang, Da Lat, Can Tho, and Phu Quoc.

When to go to?

Vietnam is a very unique kind of a place so the weather conditions are divided according to the regions.

  • In the north side, May to October is hot and humid with high rainfall; November to April is cooler and dry.
  • While, central experiences hot, dry weather between January & August; high levels of rainfall can occur in September, October & November.
  • In the south side, generally the weather is dry and hot from November to April, and warm and wet between May & October, with the highest rainfall in June, July & August.

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