Myanmar is the most adorable country which consists of more than 100 ethnic groups, bordering India, Bangladesh, China, Laos and Thailand. It is called “the Golden Land” because generally what we see is, the mountain range runs from north to south but the country is divided into five physiographic regions—the northern mountains, the western ranges, the eastern plateau, the central basin and lowlands, and the coastal plains.

The special thing about Myanmar is every single place you will explore, it will be paid off. The Himalayan green jungle of Myanmar has been a home to a profusion of birdlife, including pheasants, parrots, peafowl and other wild fowl, and grouse. The Asian two-horned rhinoceros, the wild water buffalo, the gaur (a species of wild cattle), and various kinds of deer, elephants are numerous, and many are trained for work also tigers, leopards, and wildcats are found and many others.

And just like these, you will come across many interesting and extraordinary things and places in Myanmar, so we recommend you to if you haven’t added it in your bucket list then, do it as we all know opportunity doesn’t knock twice.

Top 5 things to see and Do

Whenever we plan for the destinations, things to do and see are the most important and basic thing. We arrange our list according to the day and time and out of tons of places we choose the main spots so that we could cover the majority of the place. Let’s go through the list of top-rated destinations of Myanmar:

1. Yangon

It is Myanmar’s largest city filled with exciting places. Yangon is called Myanmar’s commercial and artistic hub and there’s a rash of new restaurants, bars and shops. And there are building sites – and traffic jams – everywhere. The main focus is on Shwedagon Paya, an awe-inspiring golden Buddhist monument around which everything else revolves. There are parks and lakes that provide Yangonites with an escape from the surrounding chaos.

2. Kalaw

Kalaw is a hill station founded by British civil; it is a total holiday resort with the cool  breeze, air is cool, calm and peaceful atmosphere, the tree-lined streets still contain a smattering of colonial-era architecture – while the surrounding hills are fine for relatively easy day or overnight treks to Danu, Danaw, Palaung, Pa-O and Taung Yo villages. One of the few destinations in Myanmar that genuinely caters for backpackers rather than tour groups.

3. Mandalay Region

Here you will witness the cradle of Burmese arts, culture and civilisation. Whereas Yangon is a diverse microcosm of the nation, Mandalay – for all its traffic and construction – remains an urban expression of Burmese ethnic identity. The city is well known for local dance shows, puppetry and craft shops are only the beginning of its considerable cultural capital, and numerous historical and religious sites are just nearby. One of the world’s biggest bells, its longest teak footbridge and an enormous, are just around the corner.

4. Chaung Tha Beach

It is Myanmar’s hidden gem for locals and tourists. It is not one of the regular beaches but a bit different. It is one of the party beaches where there’s bobbing about on rubber rings, plodding along the beach on ponies, endless guitar playing, boisterous beach-football games, happy family picnics and evening fireworks. if you’re looking to squeeze some sand and sun into your visit to Myanmar, it’s a relatively convenient and affordable option.

5. Nyaung U

Nyaung U is where most independent travellers hang their backpack. There are plenty of temples to see, including Shwezigon Paya, and a lively market. Visitors staying in New or Old Bagan tend to make it here at some stage, either for the restaurant scene or for transport links to other destinations around Myanmar.

Travel Budget

Myanmar is a country where very easily you can stay and have tasty cuisines, alongwith travelling in public transports at affordable prices. The budget we have made are round off values as we don’t want you to hustle in any way. So for your safety sake go through the budget bar:

  • A backpack traveller must carry INR. 4000/- to 5000/-. 
  • A mid-range traveller must carry INR. 9000/- to 10,000/-.
  • A luxurious traveller must carry INR. 20,000/- to 25,000/-.

How to get around?

Myanmar can be best reached by flight. The flights flying to/from Myanmar are so clean and full of facilities. Mandalay International Airport or Yangon International Airport is the primary and busiest international airport of Myanmar. Remember you must book tickets early, as during the tourist season the pressure for tickets is intense.

When to go to?

With pleasant temperatures, less rainfall, and several festivals, the dry season is a great time to visit anywhere in Myanmar. The very best time of year to visit Myanmar is between November and February, with warm dry days bringing in the bulk of the country’s annual visitors. November to May is the perfect time for sightseeing and cruising on the Irrawaddy River when water levels are optimal.

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