Solo Travel In Indiaeriffic

We can’t ignore the fact that when you are travelling with bunch of people make trip full of happy and enjoyable moments, but also we might miss or skip some of the places. So, I personally feel the concept of solo travelling is far better as it helps the person to travel and cover most of the spots. You can travel with free and relaxed mind and can enjoy the feeling of independence and freedom. Country like India is an excellent example of unity in diversity different sects, caste and religion and even in the terms of tourists’ spots.

Like if you want to have adventure or see the world from the top, you can plan your trip to Himalayas. The northern India is the top from you can witness the eye-pleasing scenic view from every point and/or corner and around you. Himalayas have been one of the popular tourists’ spots. To plan the trip to Himalayas is best at the time of weekend.

As you come down we have beaches where you can feel cool breeze and beautiful sunset. Whenever we talk about beaches, Goa strikes us on the first place. Goa is the second most famous destination among the tourists because of the adventure water sports, the party culture and trance music parties. There are total 35 beaches and they all are different in various ways. Tall palm trees, swaying and having a sun bath on the golden sand, and now this is what is called a perfect holiday.

If you are fond of archaeological paintings, jewellery, fabric work, traditional puppet show, kingdoms and forts then Rajasthan is the correct destination to visit. There are more than 45 forts in the state. The culture of Rajasthan is bright and colourful. The folk music and dance is the significance of Rajasthan. The major tourist attraction is the “Great Indian Desert” which makes Rajasthan special.

If you are one of theism or like visiting temples more often, then you can visit southern India. The southern India is a home of extensive number of temples. They are clean and the preaching of god comes straight from the heart. The cuisine and culture is the most popular part of south India. The temples consist of a square chambered sanctuary topped by a superstructure, tower or spire. Tirupati Balaji Temple is famous among all the temples and every temple will give you the reeks of essence of spirituality. India is made up of beautiful places and those destinations can be explored by all you.

We’ve got a list of some mesmerising places which can be discovered all alone and the places are as follows:

  • Varkala, Kerala
  • Gangtok
  • Pondicherry
  • Goa
  • Hampi
  • Ladakh
  • Kasol
  • Spiti Valley
  • Rajasthan
  • Rishikesh

And I would like to sum up by saying that travelling with friends might give you unimaginable moments but by travelling solo you learn to find your own ways, you don’t rely on others, boost your confidence and last but not the least the you will go through the best experience ever.

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